Time and Chance Happen to them All
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By Ann Zappa

About "Time and Chance"

Ann Zappa

Kathryn Fava Currie begins married life at Big Rock Creek, an Idaho mining camp, in the early 1950’s. She is romantic, vulnerable, and clueless.

For her first novel, Time and Chance Happens to Them All, Ann Zappa has chosen to tell a woman’s journey story. Heroine Kathryn Fava Currie begins her trek to maturity in the early 1950’s. Although isolated in an Idaho mining camp at the beginning of her married life, Kathryn gradually encounters changes in the societal fabric that are reshaping America and world events that threaten to upset shaky post-Korean War stability. Women’s issues are resurfacing. Following World War II, women who had worked in the war effort were once more relegated to “their place at home.” Society expected them to erase experiences of successfully managing their lives and families while husbands were absent fighting the war. The Cold War threatened world peace. The first attempts to protect the environment appear. The picture-perfect illusion of materialism in the 1950’s surrenders to realism and grimness in the next decade. Against this background, Kathryn faces her challenges.

Time and Chance Happen to Them All
showcases the strength of friendship between women. Throughout Kathryn’s journey to maturity, she is befriended and supported by several women who offer advice and sympathy. Without the friendship of these women, Kathryn might never have achieved her potential.

Happenings during Kathryn’s life will jog nostalgic memories of some readers, while others will discover a slice of time that they have only heard about.

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